Easton West lives between Los Angeles and Berlin. Feel free to contact him about any projects you have in mind.

Recent Work:

Kleiderkreisel/Vinted: Spring Coat

Mamikreisel/Vinted: Morning Chaos

New Eelam

Zalando Autumn / Winter 2016: THIS IS NOW Behind The Scenes Films

Go behind the scenes of Zalando’s Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign “THIS IS NOW” and meet five inspiring women of NOW: Veronika Heilbrunner, Joséphine de La Baume, Saskia de Brauw, Elisa Sednaoui and Phoebe Collings-James. TVC directed by the man Matt Lambert.

Produced by Iconoclast Germany
Director: Easton West
DoP: Kevin Klein
1st A.D.: Franzi Krentzien
1st A.C.: Siri Kaomanit
Sound Recordist: Jo Thalmeyer
P.A.: Steffi Finkbeiner
Editor: Andi Pek


New Eelam

Created for the 9th Berlin Biennale, 2016. New Eelam is a speculative promotional film, which asks: How might a state be constituted in corporate form? And how could a brand communicate as an artist? How might citizenship be reconceived in an age of technologically accelerated dislocation?

The exhibition introduces a startup founded by the artist to develop a flexible, global housing subscription that is based on collective ownership. It takes its point of departure from the unrealized possibilities of “Eelam,” the defeated Tamil Sri Lankan homeland that was wiped out in 2009 following a failed neo-Marxist struggle for self-governance. Reimagined here beyond national borders, New Eelam is an alternative proposal for how a new economic system could evolve, without friction, out of the present one — through the luxury of communalism rather than private property.

More info:
New Eelam
9th Berlin Biennale

Produced by Klein and West
Director: Easton West
Artist: Christopher Kulendran Thomas
Producers: Jelena Goldbach, Annika Kuhlmann
DoP: Kevin Klein
Editor: Mark Reynolds



Dirty Talk explores how one Italo Disco hit birthed a seminal influence on early house as it emerged from disco taking global club culture by storm in the 70s and 80s.

Director: Easton West
Writer: Bill Brewster
Production Company: Klein and West
Executive Producer at Boiler Room: Joe Alexander
Producer at Klein and West: Michael Kappler
Producer: Michael Kappler
DoP: Kevin Klein
Driver Italy: Ralf Schmidt
Driver NYC: John Barclay
Fixer NYC: Lexi Lambros
Editor: Andi Pek

Additional Editing: Ryan Haysom
Animation: Salad-TV
Audio Master: Lukas Walter
Colorist: Marcus “Bow” Baddow
Music: International Language by Fred Ventura, Dirty Talk by Klein & M.B.O., International Language by Fred Ventura, It’s House (Re-Edit) by Chip E.

Suns of Thyme “Intuition Unbound”

A film by Easton West
Produced by Klein and West
Starring David Bennent and Sarah Johnson

Director: Easton West
Producer: Michael Kappler
Assistant Producer: Tim Hoppe
Director of Photography: Kevin Klein
Art Director: Molly Dyson
Costume: Rahel Tierbach
1st A.C.: Sirinton Kaomanit
Art Department: Marijn Degenaar
P.A.s: Jens Rosenkranz, Tobias Feltes, Jascha Kreft, Tammo Dehn
Locations: Moritz Gombert
Editor: Max Andereya
VFX: Michael Kappler
Colorist: Marcus Badow

Suns of Thyme: Finding Our Own Way EPK

Klein and West sat down to talk with Suns of Thyme one month before the launch of their new album Cascades. The band talked writing, playing, being best friends and the challenges of finding their own way to make a second album, recorded entirely by the band theirselves. Intercut throughout the conversation is a live improvised jam shot recorded as public performance during the interim period between their first album and writing the second. Thanks to the band for being such a wonderful group of humans and musicians!

FIAT & Boiler Room: Italo Journeys

FIAT and Boiler Room road-tripped across Italy to re-discover the origins of Italy’s most important contemporary music export — Italo Disco. Their next journey led them to discover more about how Italo became the most important contemporary musical exchange between Italy and the United States.

Director: Easton West
Production Company: Klein and West
Executive Producer at Boiler Room: Joe Alexander
Producer at Klein and West: Michael Kappler
Producer Italy: Michael Kappler
Producer NYC: Lexi Lambros
DoP: Kevin Klein Second Camera
Italy: Anna Pilz
Second Camera NYC: Ryan Haysom
Driver Italy: Ralf Schmidt
Driver NYC: John Barclay
Editor: Andi Pek
Marcus “Bow” Baddow
Music: Dirty Talk by Klein & M.B.O., M.A.N. by Jacques Renault

Desert Drifters: Illegal Street Drifting in Saudi Arabia

Produced with VICE. Sponsored by BMW.

Illegal drifting on public streets has achieved cult status in Saudi Arabia by now. At the same time car accidents are one of the main causes of death there, especially among young people. The problem is so massive that the Saudi government is implementing extra hard punishments for drifting on public streets. But there are alternatives. Professional drives have started academies and in doing so are trying to make drifting a professional sport.

Director: Easton West
Producer: Christopher Seegel, Julia Sinkowicz
Supervising Producer: Lisa Reisch
Host: Jermain Raffington
Director of Photography: Kevin Klein
Editor: Andi Pek, Sebastian Fischbeck
Sound Recordist: Gregory Boyle
Sound Mix: Lukas Walter
Fixer: Noor Hamdan, Thaer Masoud
Head of Production: Richard Böhringer
Head of Post-Production: Andreas Schneider
Editor-In-Chief: Tom Littlewood
Head of Finance: Karin Helfer
Director of Digital Content: Christian Von Scheidt
Music: Sam Houd, Guez, Enveloop, Derakhshani

Sundara Karma “Vivienne”

Cheyenne and Oscar go on an overnight trip to the lake in the music video for Sundara Karma’s Vivienne.

Director: Easton West
Production Company: Klein and West
Video Commissioner at SONY Music UK: Elizabeth Doonan
Executive Producer at Klein and West: Michael Kappler
Video Commissioner on location: Daniel Harris
Producer: Pia Hellenthal
DoP: Kevin Klein
1st A.D.: Ryan Haysom
Stylist: Larissa Bechtold
Production Assistant: Marcus Zilz
Driver: Marwin Bald
Editor: Andi Pek

Colorist: Marcus “Bow” Baddow
Casting: Konstantina at DeeBeePhunky
Music: Vivienne by Sundara Karma



Wanderweg, a short film written and directed by Easton West, investigates the ideas and intentions of classically trained musicians who work with or make electronic music. The fourth stop in Boiler Room and Ballantine’s global Stay True journey takes place in Germany where musicians Roedelius, Julia Holter & s t a r g a z e, Francesco Tristano, Brandt Brauer Frick, Gregor Schwellenbach and Carl Craig are all exploring the fertile space where classical and electronic music bleed into the other. We set out to explore the unique story and history of 20th century classical and electronic music, showing how two genres that may appear disconnected are, in fact, inextricably linked.

Produced by Klein & West

What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music

What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music is a feature film about when a person decides to become a musician, everything that they’re going to encounter in their life and the journey that they take. The film features many luminary musicians such as Brian Eno, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Giorgio Moroder, James Murphy, Debbie Harry, Egyptian Lover, Stephen O’Malley and many, many more. The film takes place in large part at the Red Bull Music Academy – a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals that hosts 50 of the most forward thinking young musicians in a different city every year. The story follows the 2013 musicians as they enter NYC and begin to find their way through the rich possibilities of being a musician today. The city of New York adds a rich backdrop for the film and is featured as a metaphor for the many different avenues of exploration one can experience when you decide to live out your dreams.

Easton West

Easton West is a director living and working in Berlin. His filmmaking oscillates between documentary explorations, commercial films and music videos that lean towards narrative storytelling. Originally from swampy southern Florida, Easton West moved to Vancouver, Canada where he worked for Adbusters Magazine and then settled in Berlin in 2008 where he became creative director of Mindpirates and assistant to director Ralf Schmerberg. In 2015 Easton founded the boutique film company Klein and West together with director of photography, Kevin Klein and producer Michael Kappler. Each day that passes Easton aspires to find a thread common thread that connects entertainment, art, spirituality and life.

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Red Bull Music Academy
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