Desert Drifters

Desert Drifters: Illegal Street Drifting in Saudi Arabia

Produced with VICE. Sponsored by BMW.

Illegal drifting on public streets has achieved cult status in Saudi Arabia by now. At the same time car accidents are one of the main causes of death there, especially among young people. The problem is so massive that the Saudi government is implementing extra hard punishments for drifting on public streets. But there are alternatives. Professional drives have started academies and in doing so are trying to make drifting a professional sport.

Director: Easton West
Producer: Christopher Seegel, Julia Sinkowicz
Supervising Producer: Lisa Reisch
Host: Jermain Raffington
Director of Photography: Kevin Klein
Editor: Andi Pek, Sebastian Fischbeck
Sound Recordist: Gregory Boyle
Sound Mix: Lukas Walter
Fixer: Noor Hamdan, Thaer Masoud
Head of Production: Richard Böhringer
Head of Post-Production: Andreas Schneider
Editor-In-Chief: Tom Littlewood
Head of Finance: Karin Helfer
Director of Digital Content: Christian Von Scheidt
Music: Sam Houd, Guez, Enveloop, Derakhshani